Completing An Essay About Chemistry: Basic Tricks

For most students who are taking a class in chemistry, it often doesn’t make sense when you have to become a writer while you are only interested in becoming a scientist. Due to this reason, many chemistry students dread the idea of writing an academic article about chemistry and it usually seems like a daunting challenge for many students. However, the strategy for writing an essay about chemistry is really quite simple once you have memorized and apply it. All you need to do is pick an interesting topic and craft a strong thesis statement, combine it with two parts consisting of research and analysis, and a final part consisting of organization, structure and review.

  • Choosing a Topic
  • If your instructor has given you the liberty to select a topic for your chemistry essay, you should choose a topic based on a specialty area that forms part of your major or a class subject area. Try to ensure that the topic you select offers you adequate space to find relevant research material and also offers valuable insights that will demonstrate your ability to think and analyze critically.

  • Formatting and Conducting Research
  • Since you are writing a scientific paper, you will most certainly use a scientific format such as APA. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you fully understand the guidelines for using the required format for referencing and creating your bibliography. Conduct your research by collecting all the research materials that you need form online scientific journals, online libraries, books, and the available chemistry books in your college library. Ensure that you write all the essential reference information that you will use in order to avoid any form of plagiarism.

  • Using Formulas
  • Depending on your topic, your essay may require you to use formulas and calculations. In this case you should ensure that you understand precisely how to write scientific formulas and calculations correctly. You also need to ensure that you know how to label them, as well as how to present the necessary commentary to explain the formulas and calculations that you use.

  • Structure of your Paper
  • You can develop your chemistry paper from your class notes and create an outline so that you can come up with an organized framework. In many cases, a chemistry paper will still have the same format and consist of the same sections like other academic papers in different disciplines. The most common format often includes an abstract, an introduction, some body paragraphs that provide more details about each aspect of the thesis statement, and a concluding paragraph that summarizes everything discussed in the paper. After the conclusion, remember to put your references or bibliography according to the prescribed format and in a separate page. Once you have composed your chemistry paper, it is important to re-read and revise the paper to correct any errors in grammar and punctuation. You can also ask others to read the paper and provide some additional input. Do not forget to check if your paper flows in a logical fashion and if everything in your discussion ties in with the thesis statement. Moreover, make sure your conclusion is outstanding and capture the main points from the main body. This is important for the reader. It shows how good you are in your presentation.