Writing A Great Essay About Math: Things To Remember

Before attending for a college-level math class, most students have probably never had to write an essay about math. However, experts in mathematics, as well as other professionals who work in higher-level mathematics, must gain the skill of communicating their ideas in such a way that others can easily comprehend them. It is important to remember that the ability to write well about mathematics is as important as the ability to solve math problems.

  • Selecting a Topic
  • When choosing an essay topic on mathematics, you need to choose something that actually involves doing real math-not a biographical article about an individual who has greatly contributed to mathematics or a history of some mathematical concept. Sometimes your professor might provide a list of problems or topics, but in case you have the liberty to select a topic of your choice, think of the topics you have already discussed in class hat have particularly intrigued you. Try to consider certain topics that came up in class discussions but the instructor did not have the time to expound on it in detail.

  • Structuring your Paper
  • The proper structure of a mathematical academic article or paper will not only show the links between your work and the broader discipline of mathematics, but also sensibly lead the audience through the logical organization of your paper. A standard structure should consist of four parts: a background, an introduction, a body, and the implications section. The purpose of the background is to give a history of the ideas or problem you are dealing with, while the introduction serves to introduce the reader to your paper and any special symbols or definitions that will be required for your paper. The body contains most of the work and leads the reader through the idea or problem you are working on. The implications part offers the reader a picture or an idea of the significance of your paper and any other gaps in research.

  • Writing Formulas
  • When writing essays about math, you might find the need to write complex mathematical formulas. In this case, you can write them by hand even though the main text of your paper should be types. However, you must ensure that the hand-written formulas are legible. Alternatively, it might be worthwhile to use a mathematical typesetting application.

  • Grammar and Punctuation
  • Even though this is a mathematics paper, you must follow the rules of grammar and punctuation as it is with any type of academic paper. Generally, formulas need to be indented and come in a separate line. On the other hand, equations, inequalities and other “complete” mathematical statements should be treated as sentences followed by a period. You also need to remember that equations that don’t form complete mathematical statements should be treated as nouns.

In summary, writing a great composition about math should not be that difficult. Start by choosing a topic that actually involves doing real math. Secondly, use an appropriate structure for your paper and follow the basic rules of grammar and punctuation.