Expert’s Tips: Naturalistic Observation Essay Writing Guide

A naturalistic observation essay writing assignment is intimidating when you have no idea how to get started or what to write about. Fortunately, there are a few things easy to keep in mind that can alleviate the pressure that comes with this kind of writing. All you need is a good topic, quality resources, an outline, and time to write a great paper. Here are a few things to know to help you understand the main steps related to the writing process for naturalistic observation papers.

Know What a Proper Essay Looks Like

Writing a paper of this nature may include writing a particular type of paper such as expository or process paper writing. Seek example papers of what you are expected to write. Compare your findings and take notes on how you want your content to look. Things to pay attention to when assessing example papers include clear evidence supporting your main idea, a clear yet strong thesis statement, and solid sentence and paragraph development.

Choose Something Interesting to Observe

Finding something to observe is likely the most interesting part of the assignment. If you don’t find something interesting it will make it harder to complete the task. The work that follows is based on what you observe. Look at something in a natural setting. Find an object you find intriguing in nature to stare at. Take notes of your observations. It may help to find an example paper related to your work to get an idea of what you can use for your observations.

Define Main Idea or Purpose and Supporting Evidence

At this stage you will ask some questions your paper will work to answer. The content you come up with should provide clear evidence to support your thesis statement or main idea. You should focus on gathering evidence to support why the observation was important, what you can teach about what you have learned, and other information related to significant characteristics about the object being observed.

These are just a few details to give an idea of what to focus on as you develop your main idea or purpose for the essay paper you are writing. From here, you can plan your writing and create an outline. After gathering data you are ready to start writing. During research it helps to use an outline to organize your findings.