Outstanding Animal Essay Topics From Professionals

The number of topics that relate to animals is so large due to the fact that there are millions of animal species in existence. Although you are free to write an essay about any of the species that have already been discovered, you may be forced to do some more research in order to come up with a concrete topic that is more focused than simply writing about a certain species of animals. Here are some awesome ideas for you to get started.

  1. Write an informative article about the impact of domestic animals on people’s lives.
  2. What is the role of rain forests on a certain species of animals that depend on it?
  3. Write an argumentative paper about the ethics of consuming animal products for food.
  4. Write a persuasive essay about the dangers posed by the pollution of oceans on certain species of marine life.
  5. Write an argumentative article on whether animal testing in medical research is beneficial or cruel and vicious.
  6. What are your thoughts about hunting wild animals for fun or sport?
  7. What are our thoughts on the issue of using animals in the circus? Do you think the animals are appreciated and respected or do you feel their rights are violated?
  8. Do you think that the practice of sacrificing animals for the purpose of religion is justified?
  9. Discuss about the use of genetic modification on animal rearing. Do you think it is ethical or safe?
  10. Human wildlife conflict is an issue that is gaining widespread concerns across the world. What are your thoughts about the issue? Are people justified to encroach on wildlife habitats in search of food or for development purposes?
  11. Is it ethical to kill certain populations of animals because they pose certain risks to human life and their property?
  12. What benefits does wildlife reserves have on the local populations? Do you think they should be protected or people should be allowed to farm and invest in other developments on the lands reserved for wildlife?
  13. Are genetically modified animals natural or not?
  14. In what ways do humans abuse pets in the name of having fun?
  15. Were dinosaurs cold blooded or warm blooded?

When choosing an essay topic about animals to write about, start by choosing a broad topic or issue related to animals and then narrowing it down to develop a position or thesis about a certain issue regarding animals. Remember to do some preliminary research so that you have facts to back up your claims and arguments.