A List Of Brilliant Biology Extended Essay Topics

Are you looking for the perfect extended essay topic for a biology assignment? Such writing requires a great deal of time, energy, critical thinking, and research. Your topic idea should prove you understand your theory idea and be able to provide clear evidence to support it. The right topic can make writing the paper easier. Therefore, you need to choose your topic wisely. Here are some tips on how to choose a topic along with writing prompts for potential essay ideas.

Selecting Your Idea

Here are a few things to think about as you select an idea for your assignment. Start by thinking about what you know about the subject. What stands out the most as interesting? Next, think about what resources will be needed for your idea and access you have to them. Think about ideas outside of the box or what is common for this subject area.

You can conduct light research to experiment with ideas that pop in your head as you brainstorm. Organize your thoughts and consider what stands out the most after research. Consider what idea will help you complete the assignment while meeting guidelines presented by your professor.

List of 15 Biology Extended Essay Prompts

Getting creative juices flowing doesn’t have to be a challenge. Sometimes the best idea for a paper can be right in front of you. A vague idea can be turned into an excellent idea based on your interests. A list of thoughtful writing prompts is just what you need to get the ball rolling for your assignment. A list of prompts can be the best form of inspiration while helping you find a topic sooner. Here is a list of 15 biology prompts to consider using for your next brainstorming session.

  1. Behaviors of human diseases.
  2. Why animals kill each other.
  3. Drug addiction vs. sugar addiction.
  4. How flowers reproduce.
  5. Comparison of plant behavior in two different habitats.
  6. Developing stages of a baby.
  7. How the brain connects to other areas of the body.
  8. How pain medicine affects the brain.
  9. How sunlight and photosynthesis work together.
  10. How cows create milk.
  11. How people can eat a lot and not gain weight.
  12. How land plants differ from aquatic plants.
  13. How weather affects plant growth.
  14. Does global warming hurt or help plants?
  15. Cross pollination defined.

Finalizing Your Choice

When preparing to complete your topic idea think about sources you will need. Do you have easy access to them and do you feel you can present concepts clearly to support the main idea? Consider the amount of additional research necessary before you start writing. Last but not least, plan ahead by using an outline to organize and structure data. Planning ahead gives you a head start on work that needs to be done. If you have a busy schedule, it gives perspective on what work you can do when you have free time.