A Collection Of Chemistry Essay Topics To Choose From

One of the most interesting fields to write an essay about is chemistry. However, as you advance more in this field, you find that you have to do some more writing assignments. Therefore, it is always a great idea to get as much practice as you can. Here is a list of 10 chemistry essay topics that will give you a head start when trying to come up with ideas on which topics you want to write about.

  1. Discuss the effect that pesticides have on run-off soil. What does the collected data suggest when it comes to what measures should be taken to address the problem?
  2. Choose one chemical test and its consequences. Write a paper discussing what you learned from the experiment or how the experiment’s results have had an impact on the world.
  3. Conduct a detailed analysis of the chemistry involved in diet soda. What are the effects of drinking diet soda on an individual’s bone structure?
  4. Discuss about foods that are treated using pesticides vs. organic foods. What are the consequences for the food industry?
  5. Pick one branch in the field of chemistry that has recently emerged or one that is related to math, literature, religion etc. Conduct an analysis.
  6. Discuss about the chemical composition of various types of lava rocks and magma. How is their chemical make-up related to their era and geographic origin?
  7. Discuss about the dangers posed by radon gas and why it is a matter of urgent concern for homeowners or real estate property owners.
  8. Investigate about the chemicals that are used in food preservation, especially foods that are shipped over long distances. What are the potential health effects caused by these preservatives? Do you think the current regulation on the types of preservatives that are used on foods is sufficient?
  9. What is the relationship between Ozone and earth’s atmosphere? Explain how various substances used by humans have contributed to the depletion of the Ozone layer.
  10. What is the effect of acid rain on natural vegetation? How does pollution and acid rain harm trees and the effect on the Ozone layer?

Although choosing a chemistry essay topic might seem like a daunting challenge, there are numerous possibilities when it comes to the kind of topics you can choose to write about. When choosing a chemistry topic for your paper, try to select topics that you can relate to the natural world and the world that we live in. For a more detailed selection of chemistry research topics to write about, visit this website.