The Selection Of Appropriate Math Extended Essay Topics

The arithmetic aspect of mathematics can be one of the most dreadful tasks for many students. However, writing an essay about math can be equally challenging, especially when you have to write an essay about a topic such as extended mathematics. The trick lies in choosing an interesting topic o write about. Here are some useful suggestions on possible topics to write about.

  1. Discuss about the percentage return of a certain 5 reel slot machine. A casino type condition offers some opportunity for collecting data, comparing the probability with payouts, and comparing the expected results with the observed data.
  2. Prepare a comparative study of the population growth model for County A over the last 5 years with future forecasts and explain which model best fits the available data.
  3. Write about the sound of math-investigate about the geometric series in musical instruments-for example the position of frets on the guitar.
  4. What is the number of convex polygons that can be constructed from the 7 tangram pieces?
  5. Explore the alteration of the truth content of a message when transmitted from a sender to a receiver.
  6. Establish if there is a connection between the golden ratio and how people recognize beauty in nature. Give particular interest on the human form and face.
  7. Do you think athleticism has an effect on pulse rate? What role does statistics play in the field of medical research?
  8. Establish the correlation between school test scores or Grade Point Average (GPA) and SAT results. Is there a correlation between the two?
  9. Discuss the binomial theorem and explain how the theory’s contribution to the history of humanity.
  10. Discuss about the possible ways of finding solutions to cubic equations.

When it comes to choosing math extended essay topics, you need to have a clearly stated and well-focused research question. Ensure that you follow all the rules of writing a proper academic article and use factual information to support your points or arguments. You can use some of the helpful hints here.